About Us

We are a UK based LGBT+ business who specialise in ‘capturing the experience’ of pride goers and their friends across the UK in pictures.

Between us we have a depth of experience in both photography and within the LGBT+ community over many years. We want to share our pride and the pride of others with the broadest possible range of people both in and outside the 'Rainbow community' to help to de-stigmatise what it means to be 'LGBT+'' by working with others, and to portray us in the positive light which we live in.

What we want to achieve

  • To be THE go to source for pictures of pride events across the UK;
  • To provide a photographic resource of pride events to the media and broader community;
  • To provide a photographic archive of Pride in the UK since the mid 2000's;
  • To demonstrate positive images of the LGBT+ community across the UK and engender diversity, equality and tolerance;
  • To operate in an ethical way in all we do;
  • To promote LGBT+ issues wherever possible within a commercial environment;
  • to bring together diverse groups through the facilities of the website;
  • To pay back to the community through either Prides or LGBT+ health groups.

Our core values

Experienced and mature photographers specialising in event photography with an ‘eye’ for that special shot.
When we make a commitment we seek not just to deliver on it but wherever possible exceed expectations.
Our team of photographers come from all areas of the LGBT+ spectrum and allies so are fully sympathetic and supportive of the objectives of the Pride movement.
We strive to fight and support LGBT+ causes and campaigns through our work and social media facilities for the benefit of all our community.
We are approachable and engaging and our structure is simple, so we aren't tied into a complicated hierarchy. We simply want to delight and give the best to all our customers and supporters.

Pride Pics Team

  • Chris Brookes
  • Rachael Steel
    Commissioning Editor
  • Kerry Kleis
    Creative Director
  • Sam Samathy Barratt
    Creative Director
  • Beth Wright
    Creative Editor
  • Jonathan Crosby-Bromley
    Social Media Editor
  • Art Idris
  • Keiran Lee-Ridgway
  • Rhys Gwyther
  • Sparki Trowell


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